With over 40 years of specialization in animal nutrition and prevention of animal illnesses, the Lawley’s brand has become nationally recognized for the company’s long line of animal nutrition products.

In the Lawley family tradition, Lawley’s Inc. continues to manufacture and distribute nutritional calf products for the dairy industry, as well as animal supplements for replacement heifers and cows, beef cattle, horses, poultry, swine, and lamb/kid.

Our experienced sales team is here to serve you. You owe it to yourself and your animals to give Genuine Lawley’s Animal Products a try.

Superior milk replacers-

Our milk replacer is formulated to enhance peak performance to your animals.

Easy to mix, easy to digest. Known for excellent taste, Lawley’s milk replacers are a premium product
delivering optimal results at an economical price.

OUR Milk Replacer Benefits:


Lawleys manufactures a line of Equine products specializing in high-stress competition horses. Lawleys has crafted and formulated their equine supplements to maximize performance and win competitions. Lawley’s offers a variety of products for every kind of horse and need.

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