The first thing I noticed when using this product was my horses were a lot more calm and relaxed in the arena but still fired hard when I asked them to.

Their coats are nice and shiny and they look better than ever. The things we ask our horses to do as rodeo athletes aren’t easy and could easily make a horse anxious and overly excited but with a good supplement that helps their mind and body it sure makes our job easier!

I am very grateful to be a part of Lawleys team and I appreciate everything that they do for me and my horses!

Clint Groff 
Cave Creek,  Arizona 

Immunizer follows nature’s patterns.
It has helped us at 5280 Cattle Co. give those calves what their mother would give to them. In the end, providing a healthier, stronger, and more active calf that is ready for the weaned pens.

It has helped us get from an 8% death loss to a 2% death loss. It helps us producers mimic nature, and is clearly shown in
the health and production of the calf.

– Zachary Downs
Manager at 5280 Cattle Co.
Ault, CO

Twist My Kazoo

Twist My Kazoo

Twist My Kazoo recovers from his strenuous races using Lawley’s Racing Formula. Lawleys allows him to utilize almost all the nutrients in his feed bucket which helps prevent excercise induced weight loss. Tumbledown Farm Racing heartily recommends Lawleys!

Tumble Farm Racing