Raising Healthy Cows

The dairy and beef industries are two of the largest food chain industries in the US, where most dairy farmers and calf raisers share similar goals: Keeping production up, and raising healthy, happy cows.

Keeping a calf well fed, happy and healthy is only the first half of the goal. Once that calf has grown to maturity it’s health is just as important as ever.

Whether it be for milk or beef, Genuine Lawley’s Products help your heifers and cows stay healthy and get the most out of their ration, and in turn, help you get the most out of your cows.

Using Lawley’s heifer and cow products is the best way to get your cow to production sooner, keep it healthy and stress free, plus get maximum digestion of the ration being fed. This is the key to healthy rumen, better growth, improved conception rates, and high milk production in your heifers and cows.

For over 29 years, Lawley’s Inc. has manufactured and distributed calf supplements and animal nutrition products for heifers and cows.

Keep your cows happy and healthy. Try Lawley’s Heifer and Cow Nutritional Supplements today.