Why use Colostrum?

Colostrum is the first line of defense to get your calves off to a healthy start. After that, milk replacer, nutritional vitamin and mineral supplements along with quality feed, sanitary housing and a gentle touch are all you need.

When we remove the newborn calf from the mother cow so that she can begin the process of being milked we have changed Mother Nature’s plan. At that point, we must take on the vital task of caring for the safety and the health of that baby calf.

Obviously, Mother Nature has the best plan for rearing calves but with careful thought and a lot of effort we can mother those calves to weaning and beyond, keeping your calves healthy and happy during the process.

For over 29 years Genuine Lawley’s Products have been helping dairy farmers and calf raisers with the important task of keeping calves happy and healthy, providing the milk replacer and nutritional vitamin and mineral supplements calves need.

You owe it to yourself and your calves to give Lawley’s All-Star Milk Replacer a try.


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